About US Kratomind

What is US Kratomind?

US Kratomind is a part of Kratomind.com. US Kratomind ships to customers around the United States and is based in North Carollina

All product purchased through US Kratomind is shipped from North Carollina. .

Shipping domestically is significantly cheaper, anywhere from four to ten times faster, and bypasses pesky U.S. Customs protocol.

I live in the United States. Can I only shop with US Kratomind?'

Feel free to shop with either US Kratomind or Kratomind.  Our U.S.-based customers can freely use both.  

However, patrons outside of the United States should not use US Kratomind – while ordering internationally is typically better off with Kratomind,

Are there any advantages to using US Kratomind or Kratomind over the other?'

US Kratomind ships significantly faster than its Indonesia-based counterpart. Shipments of Kratom sent internationally from Indonesia via EMS can take anywhere between one and two weeks, on average; as far as our most popular market is concerned – the United States – Indonesian-sent packages usually take 10 to 14 days.

All order shipped within 24 hours working days after payment received. Please check shipping tabs for more detailed information

Why should I order from your company?
  • We only stock high-quality, farm-fresh kratom.
  • Both of our operations have plenty of strains to choose from.
  • Kratomind and US Kratomind both are backed by strong in-house customer service.
  • You can pay via PayPal, one of the Internet’s most reputable payment processors.


Could i have a free sample?

sorry we didn’t offer free sample

The product(s) I received looked different than what your website identified. What's the deal with that?

Please be assured that our warehouse labels all strains correctly.

The pictures on our website are examples only and might not reflect the true color of products you receive. Also – kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is an organic product that is consistently sourced from the hot, muggy, rainy, and otherwise naturally tough areas of Indonesia.

Do you share the results of Kratomind's chemical analysis of its product?

No, we do not publish our lab results to the general public.

However, please be assured that all of our products are consistently harvested, processed, handled, and shipped in adherence to strict quality control standards.

Account and Event

I already registered an account on Kratomind, but US Kratomind won't let me log in.

Even though our team members in both the United States and Indonesia work closely alongside one another, US.Kratomind.com and Kratomind.com are unique domains.  Separating the two effectively helps us handle more orders.

You need to create a new account via US Kratomind.

Can I import coupon codes from Kratomind Global?

No.  While our United States- and Indonesian-based operations share countless procedures, policies, and traits in common, our promotion systems are different.


Do you ship internationally from the United States?

No.  Please, check out Kratomind.com prior to ordering an international shipment out of the United States.  Requesting kratom from Indonesia via Kratomind might be faster, easier, cheaper, and otherwise better than ordering from US Kratomind.

Do you ship to illegal states?

No.  We do not ship to illegal nations, counties, or cities, either.  Please do not ask us to ship our product to any area where kratom is illegal.  We wish kratom were legal everywhere!  Nobody here at Kratomind is Bill Nye The Science Guy, but kratom is seemingly safe for a psychoactive substance, and all.

So while we don’t ship to jurisdictions that have outlawed kratom, we wish we could without fear of reprimand.

When you will ship my orders?

Max 24 Hours after payment received. 

If the post office is closed due to a holiday, orders will ship the following USPS business day.


What payment methods does US Kratomind provide?

Currently, we offer PayPal and Bitcoin.  

Do you offer additional payment methods?

Contact us to discuss how else we could possibly accomodate your needs.  We want to hear from you!