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About Us

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USA Kratomind ships to customers around the United States and Canada, based in North Carolina

Our American fulfillment partner stores our farm-fresh product in a cool, climate-controlled, smoke-free room exposed to minimal sunlight.

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All product purchased through USA Kratomind is shipped from North Carolina. We partner with a fulfillment service in the United States rather than shipping directly from Indonesia for your satisfaction. Shipping domestically is significantly cheaper, anywhere from four to ten times faster, and bypasses pesky U.S. Customs protocol.

From the Indonesian Rainforest to Your Door

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Since 2015, USA Kratomind has been providing customers from around the world with naturally-sourced, high-quality botanical products. From the moment of harvest in the rainforests of Southeast Asia to packaging and order dispatch at our US office, we’re proud to offer an online shopping experience that embodies our standards of excellence every step of the way.

Our Commitment to High-Quality Kratom

We’ve devoted ourselves to becoming the premier online destination for buying kratom online. Today, our inventory has expanded to include many other remarkable botanicals including an incredible list of organic, kratom alternatives and all-natural CBD oils.

At Kratomind, we travel the world to find the best kratom and other natural ethnobotanicals available. We don’t just import our products from unreliable vendors; instead, we work closely with local communities to develop sustainable, organic harvest plans that protect the environment and ensure our customers’ safety.

For over six years, we have worked with small, local villages throughout Indonesia to grow, harvest, and distribute the very best natural kratom available. These communities and the incredibly rich natural environment that surrounds them are the reasons why US Kratomind is able to source high-quality kratom to the USA.

Working with local villages in Indonesia, we began a partnership that encouraged the local people to grow and harvest kratom seedlings in their own backyards. Through this partnership, locals were able to transform a plentiful resource into a thriving, local economy while we at USA Kratomind were able to gain fresh, all-natural kratom straight from the source.

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In places where kratom is already plentiful in the jungle, our harvesters handpick the high-quality kratom leaves by hand, selecting the leaves by color and age. In other villages, locals grow the trees to the size of small seedlings and then plant them in a suitable place. In both of these cases, the Mitragyna speciosa (or kratom) plants that we harvest from are able to thrive without the use of fertilizers or pesticides nourished, instead, by the naturally rich fertilizer of the rainforest’s lush river banks and forest floors.

Through this unique collaboration, our team is able to procure the best, organic kratom available while the communities we work with are able to earn a sustainable income. From handpicking each kratom leaf and supervising the shipping process to carefully inspecting and packaging each batch of kratom, the USA Kratomind's team works hard to ensure every step of our process is safe, reliable, and results in the best product for you.

No matter your preferred strain, we always promise that our kratom products are:


  • Organic and All-Natural
  • Freshly Packaged and Securely Sealed
  • Ultra-Fine Ground